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Privacy Policy

Jenereaux & Associates Inc. respects the privacy of our candidates and clients. Our Privacy Policy underlines our commitment to protecting personal information.

  1. Accountability

    Jenereaux & Associates is responsible for the personal information collected from applicants during the initial screening process and interviewing process (in-person or via telephone), subsequent conversations or emails and when providing services to our clients.
  1. Identifying Purposes

The personal information we collect is for purposes of job search, job placement, and payroll or government remittances. Whenever possible, our purpose for collecting such information will be specified at or before the time it is collected.

  1. Consent

An applicant’s knowledge and consent are required for the collection, use or disclosure of all personal information. Consent is implied when applicants submit a resume or post a resume on job boards or via resume search engines. By submitting a resume that contains certain personal information, consent to use such information (i.e. contact information, references) is implied for purposes that are obvious in the normal course of our business including reference checks. Individuals may withdraw consent at any time with reasonable notice.

  1. Limiting Collection

The collection of personal information is limited to what is necessary for identified purposes. Information is typically collected as required. For example, a social insurance number is required for payroll purposes but is not required during the interview process.

In addition to a resume, which typically includes contact information and work history, an applicant’s file may also include the following:

·         Interview notes or Consultant’s notes

·         Contact information for referencing as well as reference notes

·         Records of education

·         Testing and test results

·         Evaluation forms

·         Social Insurance Number

  1. Limiting Use, Disclosure & Retention

    Personal information is used or disclosed for identified purposes only. It is also retained to fulfill only the identified purposes.
  1. Accuracy

An applicant’s personal information, when disclosed to a third party, is done to the highest accuracy possible.

  1. Safeguards

Jenereaux & Associates endeavors to maintain confidentiality of your personal information including safeguards to protect against theft and unauthorized access. Safeguards are taken when disposing of applicant files that contain personal information. Your personal information is never sold or traded by us to external companies.

  1. Openess

Jenereaux & Associates’ Privacy Policy is posted in a visible area of our office as well as on our website.

  1. Individual Access

Applicants have the right to examine their personal information, how it was used and to whom it was disclosed. Applicants can request individual access to their file with a written request.

  1. Compliance

Enquiries or complaints about Jenereaux & Associates’ Privacy Policy can be addressed to our Privacy Officer:

Catherine Jenereaux
Jenereaux & Associates Inc.
400 Applewood, Suite 100,
Vaughan, ON
L4K 0C3




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