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Temporary/Contract Division 
Employee Handbook

Welcome to Jenereaux & Associates Temporary/Contract Division. We look forward to working with you!

As an employee of Jenereaux & Associates, we ask that you do not contact the client directly with problems or questions you may have regarding your assignment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have while on assignment. 

Call us directly at (416) 543-0552

Some Tips     

Always be on time and do not leave early. If you are going to be late, have to leave early or have to be absent from work for any reason, call us and/or leave a message with the details. We will contact the client on your behalf. Do not contact the client yourself. 

Give yourself extra time, especially on the first day when you have to find the client's premises. Allow time for unforeseeable delays including poor weather, transit problems or traffic jams. 

Observe the policies and procedures of the client regarding matters such as dress code and lunch breaks. Always dress professionally. 

Have a positive and productive attitude. You never know whether your temporary or contract assignment may result in a permanent full-time job. The client will only hire you if you have done a good job! 

If you accept an assignment, you are expected to stay until the assignment is completed. Keep in touch with us regarding any problems in this regard. 

Do's and Dont's

  • Do conduct yourself in a professional manner
  • Do respect the client's time by not making personal phone calls or discussing personal matters while on assignment
  • Do keep confidential information confidential
  • Do contact Jenereaux & Associates with any concerns regarding your assignment
  • Do ask the client for clarification when required - never guess!
  • Do not use personal cell phones on the job - turn cell phones and other electronic devices, including pagers and blackberry devices off at work
  • Do not use computers, email or internet for personal matters while at work
  • Do not use MSN messenger or other personal email addresses while on assignment

Please Contact Us

  • On the first day of work to let us know how the assignment is going
  • If your assignment is extended
  • If the client offers you or approaches you about a position (full-time or part-time) other than the one that has been assigned to you. We can pursue that opportunity on your behalf.
  • If you change your phone number or personal information
  • If you're going to be late for work, have to leave early or be absent from work

Pay Days

You are paid every Friday for the week previous. There are two ways in which you can receive your pay. Please indicate which method you prefer on your weekly timesheet.

  1. Have your cheque mailed to you - cheques are put in the mail every Tuesday and usually arrive in your mailbox by Thursday or Friday of the same week. Please note that mail delays can occur, especially around holidays and poor weather.
  2. Pick up your cheque at our office during regular business hours (Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

In order to be paid for the hours you work, it is your responsibility to return your signed timesheet to our office no later than Monday morning of the following week. Failure to provide your timesheet will cause a delay in payroll. Please note we are unable to issue pay cheques without a signed timesheet. 

Pay for overtime is determined by the client and must be approved.

Statutory Holidays
This is based on client approval and length of assignment.  

Vacation Pay
Each temporary employee will be paid 4% vacation pay which will appear on each weekly pay cheque.




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